Revised Draft Procedure for TNERCís Grid Connectivity and Intrastate Open AccessRegulations 2014 Ė Comments invited from public


Honíble TNERC has notified Grid Connectivity and Intrastate Open Access Regulations 2014 in the Tamil Nadu Government Gazette dt.07.05.2014 and the Commission vide letter dt.07.11.2019 has directed to resubmit the revised detailed procedure on the above Regulations after making necessary amendments in accordance to the provisions in the Regulations/Act/Orders of the Commission after obtaining stake holder comments.

The revised draft procedure in respect of TANTRANSCO has been prepared for grant of connectivity, Long term open access, Medium term open access and short-term open access based on the above regulation and is posted in the website of TANTRANSCO. The comments/suggestions are invited from the public on the revised draft procedure on or before 10.10.20. through


1)   Procedure_for_GridConnectivity_inrespect_of_TANTRANSCO_04.09.2020.pdf


2)   Procedure_for_IntraStateOpenAccess_04.09.2020.pdf